The above poster reflects once again: Why I Cannot Support Hillary Clinton

I predict that Hillary Clinton will win the Presidency with the support from neoconservatives such as David Frum [GWB’s former speechwriter] and other “Top Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton.”   David Frum’s recent article:  “The Conservative Case for Voting for Clinton” eloquently argues why ‘patriotic’ conservatives must vote for her in order to “preserve the Constitution.” As such, Hillary Clinton, the ‘Democratic nominee’ will leave her liberal base in the dust as she rides off into the sunset with her best friends — Republican banksters /  lobbyist,

Witness Hillary’s carefully crafted statement re: the Dakota Access Pipeline standoff.

We received a letter today from representatives of the tribes protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. From the beginning of this campaign, Secretary Clinton has been clear that she thinks all voices should be heard and all views considered in federal infrastructure projects. Now, all of the parties involved—including the federal government, the pipeline company and contractors, the state of North Dakota, and the tribes—need to find a path forward that serves the broadest public interest. As that happens, it’s important that on the ground in North Dakota, everyone respects demonstrators’ rights to protest peacefully, and workers’ rights to do their jobs safely.

Translation? — Despite the treaties we’ve made, the corporations financing the attacks on protesters (Hillary’s donors) have a right to push their pipeline through sacred tribal land…

Lynda Mapes, a Seattle Times reporter who just returned from North Dakota noted:

There’s a sense of having been pushed for 150 years off the lands that were their lands because someone else wanted them to make money. And it was so evocative to watch law enforcement chasing Indians on horses. This has been going on for more than a century. To see law enforcement in ATVs and helicopters pursuing Indians on horses across the Great Plains, it was incredible to see that in the year 2016.

But hey, as long as we all:  ‘find a path forward that serves the broadest public interest’ — lawyerese for “pro Business and who cares about the planet / people.”

In contrast, Green Party Candidate, Jill Stein faces charges in North Dakota for her role in protesting the North Dakota Access pipeline. Her statement reads:

“I hope the North Dakota authorities press charges against the real vandalism taking place at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation: the bulldozing of sacred burial sites and the unleashing of vicious attack dogs. I hope they take action against the Dakota Access Pipeline company that is endangering drinking water not only for the Standing Rock Sioux, but for millions of people downstream of the reservation who depend on the Missouri River.”

“The pipeline will carry up to 570,000 barrels of highly polluting Bakken crude oil per day. This would be another deadly blow to a climate teetering on the brink. It cannot be allowed to go forward…”

Based on Hillary Clinton’s record, I’m  “Not with Her” and  I’m certainly “Not with Him”; as such, voting my conscience means that Jill Stein is my only option.

UPDATE: The Green Party needs every vote because if we get at least 5% of the national popular vote – which we’ve hit in at least one recent poll – the Green Party will win federal recognition and qualify for up to $10 million or more in public funding in the 2020 presidential election.

Jill 2016