Below is a transcript from Democracy Now where Dr. Cornel West explains in much clearer terms than I could as to why Hillary is not an ethical choice:

Cornel West: Why I Endorse Green Party’s Jill Stein Over “Neoliberal Disaster” Hillary Clinton

“Hillary Clinton is a neoliberal disaster… one who generates a mass incarceration regime, who deregulates banks and markets, who promotes chaos of regime change in Libya, supports military coups in Honduras, undermines some of the magnificent efforts in Haiti of working people, and so forth. That’s the record of Hillary Clinton…”


Basically Hillary is a war hawk, who colludes with big business against the interest of the “people”.  When questioned, she’ll  spin it, to make herself look good, but at every turn she was on the wrong side of history (fracking, gay marriage, Iraq invasion, etc.).   In a Rolling Stone article Matt Taibbi  wrote:

My worry is that Democrats like Hillary have been saying, “The Republicans are worse!” for so long that they’ve begun to believe it excuses everything…”

Of course I agree that Trump / the Republicans are worse;  however, as pointed out here:

“Trump says very scary things — deporting immigrants, massive militarism and ignoring the climate…Hillary, unfortunately, has a track record for doing all of those things.”

“All the reasons you were told you had to vote for the lesser evil — because you didn’t want the massive Wall Street bailouts, the offshoring of our jobs, the meltdown of the climate, the endless expanding wars, the attack on immigrants — all that, we’ve gotten by the droves, because we allowed ourselves to be silenced…”  The present electoral system “tells you to vote against what you’re afraid of and not for what you believe,” Stein said. “This politics of fear has actually delivered everything we were afraid of.”

Consequently we need a better option:   Dr. Jill Stein.

Here is a short piece detailing why

 “Dr. Jill Stein Would Make A Better Commander-In-Chief Than Hillary Clinton.”

Do check out the links and let me know what you think.


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