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“You can have your own opinions, just not your own facts”

There is so much misinformation on TV that most of us rarely get factual information [esp. in context] — as can be seen from a post I had written a while ago:   Al jazeera English News vs. US Corporate Media Infotainment.  Consequently, if one doesn’t watch TV, it simply means that one is unburdened by the “negative knowledge” that many others carry. There is a difference between ignorance and negative knowledge; ignorance can be corrected — for example if one did not know what state President Obama was born in, one could learn the fact that it was Hawaii.  However, if a person has negative knowledge, ie. “President Obama was born in Kenya”, that person cannot be convinced otherwise (swayed by reality) even after being given the correct information.

Personally,  I have gotten more news from the Daily Show (on comedy central) than from the corporate media — “CNN”, “MSNBC”, etc.  It is disturbingly telling that in today’s society, a lot of us get our “news” from a comedy channel.

Here are a few of my all time favorite / informative Daily Show clips:

As Liberals, we often try to “reason” with “Republican Idiots” and end up frustrated as Republicans love to play the “blame game” in a ‘fact-free’ zone:

“…by the first week of March 2009, just over one month into the Obama presidency, Republicans were blaming Obama for the dire economic news. For eight years under Bush any bad news was Clinton’s fault; just one month into Obama’s presidency, Bush was innocent of all blame. And now Obama gets no credit for any of the good economic news after seven years in office; blame him before he even takes office, but give him no credit after nearly two terms. We do not have a vocabulary that can capture the deep absurdity of this assault on reason…”. — Excerpt taken from Huffington Post blog by Jeff Schweitzer

Totally disregarding reality, the Republicans blame President Obama for Iraq, the Katrina Response and everything else.

Republicans in congress will agree that “Yes, we need to fix our crumbling infrastructure, but we don’t want to pay for it [because of Tax Cuts for the wealthy…], therefore it’s Obama’s fault”.   Basic civics 101 will tell you that “Congress holds the purse strings”, so President Obama [executive branch] can propose tax increases to fund various policies (ie. upgrading our infrastructure), but unless congress approves his budget, nothing will happen.

Re: Climate Change, the title of this piece says it all — GOP Works to Defund Studies So They Can [continue to] Deny Climate Change:

 “Rather than address or even face the impending issues surrounding climate change, the GOP has chosen instead to stick their fingers in their ears. Not only do they want to simply ignore the problem, but they are trying to make it difficult for the rest of us to even know that it exists….Once again, by defunding NASA’s Earth-science program, the GOP has taken willful ignorance one giant leap for mankind, into the stratosphere. This bill essentially ensures not only that climate studies be ignored but that potentially useful data won’t even be collected”.

National Geografox Source: Cartoon: National Geografox

Re:  Women’s Rights: In this musical video I Didn’t Come From Your Rib (You Came From My Vagina), the GOP’s war on women is bared for everyone to see.

Honestly, correcting people who watch FAUX news, only results in a headache, since no matter what you tell them, they feel that their “beliefs” trumps your “facts”…