If you’ve ever wondered what could happen to Disney Princesses in today’s world, the two videos below are worth a peek:

After Ever After – DISNEY Parody — Jon Cozart, a.k.a. “Paint,” has uploaded a song called “After Ever After” where four Disney princesses are singing about their lives in the modern world — Ariel is swimming in pollution – Thanks to BP,  Jasmine’s Aladdin was taken by the CIA – My husband’s a mark for the War on Terror, Belle might go to jail on charges of bestiality and Pocahontas died of STDs – More English, French, and Spaniards came to greet us with guns and germs and steel…

Disney Princesses for Equal Pay —  tackles the issue of women being treated like second-class workers.  50 years ago President John F. Kennedy signed the landmark Equal Pay Act to prevent wage discrimination against women. In a speech commemorating the law, President Obama acknowledged the gender wage gap still continues:

“The day that the bill was signed into law, women earned 59 cents for every dollar a man earned, on average. Today, it’s about 77 cents. So it was 59, now it’s 77 cents. It’s even less, by the way, if you’re an African American or a Latina. Over the course of her career, a working woman with a college degree will earn, on average, hundreds of thousands of dollars less than a man who does the same work. Now that’s wrong.”

Finally based on a recent family trip to Disney, I decided to write a petition asking Disney to use its enormous buying power to offer its guests organic & Non-GMO meal options.  Disney was great as far as offering me gluten free meal options – even going so far as to have the chef come directly to the table to discuss the menu! In part my petition reads:

On a recent family trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL. we were unable to find a single Disney restaurant that offered organic & Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) meal options. It was upsetting to us, esp. in light of the recent report by the American Academy of Pediatrics  that indicates pediatricians are urging parents to choose organic food to reduce kids’ exposure to pesticides.

Please consider signing my petition. Thank you.