According to various sources, Mahatma Gandhi defined ‘Namaste’ as:

“I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides…; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.”

Encouraged by a friend of mine, I decided to pen the story of my love / hate relationship with chocolate. Growing up, I loved eating “brood met muisjes”, a common Dutch breakfast of bread with chocolate sprinkles…

Bread with chocolate sprinkles


All through high school and college, I would ravenously devour chocolates:  M&Ms, Chocolate Decadence, Godiva Open Oysters, etc.  My favorite ice cream at that time was Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mouse Royale with hot fudge (which I later learned was rated as one of:   “the worst ice creams offered in Baskin Robbins line of over 1000 flavors” by the “Eat This, Not That” series).

In my thirties, I had surgery and discovered to my horror that my body chemistry had changed and I became deathly allergic to my favorite food.  My skin would itch & develop hives ; the chocolate addict in me, however, didn’t care — I needed my daily chocolate fix… To counteract the allergic reaction, I would take several Benadryl capsules a day.

Unfortunately, the antihistamine would make me sleepy & as such I entered a vicious cycle of: eating chocolate, swallowing some Benadryl capsules, falling asleep, waking up & craving more chocolate…

Eventually, I wanted to break my addiction & learned about the horrific conditions under which chocolate was actually produced.

Meet the children who harvest our cocoa but who have never tasted chocolate.


I started buying “fair trade / organic” chocolates; however, during the early 2000s, such chocolates were not yet widely available; as such, I was forced to reduce my chocolate consumption.

It was not until I started seeing an acupuncturist that I was able to break the chocolate habit. Dr. Howard Moskow suggested that my craving for chocolate was most likely related to a lack of magnesium & recommended the supplement Glysen.

The change was remarkable – I still  wanted chocolate,  but the need was no longer overwhelming.   Since then,  I’ve had a few periods where I was back on the chocolate craving treadmill; fortunately, with the help of acupuncture, Glysen and other supplements, I’ve been able to control my cravings.

Recently, I’ve watched a TEDx program regarding the benefits of raw chocolate

On the other hand, articles such as:  Raw Toxic Chocolate  definitely gives me pause;  for now, I’ll err on the side of caution and steer clear of chocolate…

Namaste:  when the sweetness on our tongue comes at the expense of someone else’s tears,  we forget that ultimately we are all one.

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